In case of an error, the server responds with JSON object containing error field (error description in English). Error object also may contain error_id and error_data fields. error_id uniquely identifies the error message and may be used for message translation. error_data contains additional data related to the error (e.g., for invalid input parameters error, it may contain parameter names).

DEV Environment

End point Region URL Port
Identity All 8000
Settings All 8001
Timeline All 8002
Authentication All 8003
Notify All 8004
Upload All 8007
Supplychain All 8008
Description All 8009
Serialization All 8010
Rewards All 8011
Buddies All 8012
Participant All 8013
Track&Trace All 8014
Index All 8015
Contributors All 8016
Payments All 8017
Chat All 8018
Analytic All 8019
Reviews All 8020
ToDo Cards All 8021
GPC All 8023
GDTI All 8024

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