Setup and Installation of GitBook

Getting GitBook installed and ready-to-go should only take a few minutes. is an easy to use solution to write, publish and host books. It is the easiest solution for publishing your content and collaborating on it.

It integrates well with the GitBook Editor.

Local Installation


Installing GitBook is easy and straightforward. Your system just needs to meet these three requirements:

  • NodeJS (v4.0.0 and above is recommended)
  • Yarn or Npm package manager
  • Windows, Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X
Install with Yarn

The best way to install GitBook is via Yarn. At the terminal prompt, simply run the following command to install GitBook.

$ sudo yarn global add gitbook-cli

gitbook-cli is an utility to install and use multiple versions of GitBook on the same system. It will automatically install the required version of GitBook to build a book.

Also, you need to install dependencies for our book.

$ gitbook install
How to use book

Preview and serve your book using:

$ gitbook serve

Or build the static website using:

$ gitbook build


  • Use github's PR for updating documentation and assign it to persons how may be interested in updates
  • Follow same doc convention everywhere, strive to keep docs consistent

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